About Dwight

Here's Dwight's Story, as told by Dan Berges, Managing Director of Berges Institute and Founder of Dwight.

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July 2018: The New York Times

I read an article in the NYT about Eisenhower's Box, and I loved the idea. He claimed he never invented it, apparently, but he used it for many years.

September 2018: Some coding

Using my then-not-so-good PHP and SQL skills, I built a super simple version of Dwight for myself.

Dwight Matrix
Dwight Matrix

January 2019: Friends' Feedback

After using my own app for a few months on my daily work as the Managing Director of Berges Institute, I created profiles for some friends, who also started using the app. They loved it!

August 2019: Release

I rewrote the code, made everything nicer, and released Dwight to the public (under its old name, T-Rex Planner - I know). It's had a great reception so far, which makes me happy :)

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