To-do list example: clinical psychologist

To-do list example: clinical psychologist

Urgent and Important

  1. Conduct emergency therapy session for a patient in crisis.
  2. Review and respond to urgent emails from patients in crisis.
  3. Complete mandatory paperwork and documentation for a patient with imminent legal issues.
  4. Attend a team meeting to discuss a critical patient's treatment plan.

Important but Not Urgent

  1. Schedule regular follow-up appointments with existing patients to maintain continuity of care.
  2. Plan and prepare for a workshop on stress management techniques for clients, which will benefit them in the long term.
  3. Research and update knowledge on the latest treatment modalities and therapeutic techniques.
  4. Develop a self-care plan to prevent burnout and maintain mental health.

Urgent but Not Important

  1. Handle administrative tasks such as billing and insurance claims.
  2. Respond to non-urgent inquiries from potential clients.
  3. Attend to non-essential meetings or phone calls that can be delegated or rescheduled.

Neither Urgent nor Important

  1. Check social media or personal emails during work hours.
  2. Engage in idle conversation with colleagues unrelated to work.
  3. Browse the internet for non-work-related content.
  4. Attend to minor office maintenance tasks that can be delegated.