Transform Your Life

Transform Your Life

Ever wished you had a couple more hours in a day?

No matter who you are or what your vocation is, you probably wish there was more time in one day. Time is the most invaluable asset that humans have because it cannot be exchanged or reversed. Time spend is time gone, that is why time should be spent wisely.

In today's world, most people are on a tight schedule and thanks to the constant barrage of meetings, emails, and instant messages we receive, free time has become a scarce commodity. The only way to make better use of your time is to implement time management strategies.

The key principles of time management

Time management is all about increasing your ability to focus on what’s most important. It is about prioritizing and staying organized. It can make or break your success.

For decades, people have developed strategies for better time management and efficiency. Such as communicating priorities, embracing peak hours, getting enough rest, practice deliberate elimination, learn to delegate and take needed breaks.

While these time management strategies are helpful, surprisingly, they only work for a short period of time. Often people revert back to their normal habits after using these time management strategies and that is because they go at it alone and while in the midst of their taxing duties they do not receive constant reminders that communicate their next task or their to-do list to them.

To combat this, we've created Dwight, which helps you prioritize tasks by urgency and importance. Less important tasks get either delegated or placed in the unimportant list.

How does it work?

Dwight is for those who want to create organized lists. It’s based on the famous Eisenhower Box, and it lets you prioritize tasks by urgency and importance in 4 different lists with various work strategies for each list. The first list focuses on important tasks in your career and personal life that needs to be done the same day or the day after at the latest.

The second list schedules important, but not-so-urgent stuff for a later time that day or any other day. These are tasks you can schedule in your calendar for another day and time.

The third list delegates the urgent yet less important task to others. Use e-mail, meetings or telephone to track the progress of delegated tasks.

The final list includes frivolous things such as unnecessary web browsing, social media or gaming for an extended period of time. These are neither urgent nor important. These can also be called bad habits that the app can help you get rid of.

Dwight has a user interface that is beautifully designed and super easy to navigate, yet complex enough to manage workspaces, clients and projects and provides users with the essential features they need to create lists and track their progress. It’s created with entrepreneurs, business leaders, team members, lawyers, architects, students, housewife/househusbands and medical professionals in mind!

5 Time Management Tips When Working with Dwight

- Before you prioritize any task question yourself what truly is worth doing first to get the best results.

- Make a conscious effort to not procrastinate.

- It is important to not add to any task on a list. Remember, you only have 24 hours in a day. Only add the most urgent and leave the rest for the next day. Dwight is not about collecting tasks, it is about finishing them.

- All urgent tasks should go in one list, regardless if they are business or personal. This makes it easier to create a balance between doing family-oriented stuff and business stuff.

- It’s always best to plan at the beginning of the day and work through your list to have that feeling of completion and contentment.

Implementing these tips correctly will yield you a ton of benefits and you will experience a complete shift in your everyday life. Let’s look at some of the life benefits of this time management app:

Become more productive

This is one of the main goals of time management and you can only achieve this goal when you are completely aware of your workload. With Dwight, you can list what you need to do and how to better manage them to get more of the important tasks done.

Less Stress

Work is one of the most common reasons cited when people get asked about their high-stress levels. With Dwight, you can manage your time by managing your tasks. This directly reduces your stress level. Fewer Problems in work and life – we often forget very important dates in life due to a busy schedule. It may be a birthday, a business appointment, your child’s baseball game. These are all important events in life and may cause problems and friction in your family or business life if you constantly forget them. With Dwight, you can plan and manage your day accordingly so you won’t have to face these problems.

More Free Time

By managing your task, you might also create more free time for yourself. The challenge here is to stop working the moment you finished your last task. Leisure is as important as work and sleep and it is during our free time we make new friends and cultivate the strongest bonds with others.

Improve Your Reputation

Do you know what managers and leaders love the most? People who get their tasks done! Dwight can help you build a reputation of being reliable and this reputation will follow you wherever you go. In business and in your family life you will be well respected because people know that you live up to your word every time.

More Opportunities

Having a good reputation for completing your tasks on time will produce more opportunities in your work.

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